Friday, December 7, 2012

The Perfect Golf Swing - Lag and How to Get More of It!

If you're like most golfers, you find that developing more lag in your golf swing is a struggle. You know that you need lag in the perfect golf swing, but exactly how do you get it? First, there's one thing that you MUST NOT DO...


This is one of the worst mistakes you can ever make in the golf swing. If you had to have a mantra about the perfect golf swing it would be this: "You never try and HOLD a position in the perfect swing, you are always MOVING THROUGH positions."

Creating lag adheres strictly to this rule. One of the most common mistakes a I see golfers make in perfecting their golf swings is trying to create a significant lag angle at the top of their backswings and then "hold on to it" throughout the entire downswing.

The opposite should be your goal. You should NOT have your wrists fully set at the top of your golf swing so that they can set MORE during the downswing. When your wrists are fully cocked at the top, they have nowhere else to do during the downswing but to cast the club. In an effort to avoid this, golfers are taught by their instructors to "hold on" to the angle. the problem is this is not possible. There are far too many forces at work physics wise to make it impossible to hold onto the angle.

For instance, a driver swung at over 100 mph effectively weighs 100 pounds through impact because of the centrifugal force. If you think the you can physically hold onto this much force your sadly mistaken. Because of this there is only one logical solution. You need to have your wrists not fully set at the top swing so that they can downcock in the downswing so that as you're moving into positions later in the downswing where it's critical to have lag you have it in spades where you need it most.

The down cock is a critical move in the downswing that nearly every tour player on the planet uses to create the proper amount of lag and downswing. Some do it more than others but the critical component is that they all but created out cocking motion rather than trying to hold on to the angle that they created at the top of the backswing.

When you properly down cock your wrists like this student you see in the video below you will have more lag than you know what to do with and be much further along the path to building your perfect golf swing.

When you're ready create lag like this in your perfect golf swing click here to learn exactly how this student of mine built this much lag in his golf swing and how you can too.


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