Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to Increase Your Club Head Speed TODAY!

Have you wondered how the pros on the PGA Tour hit the golf ball so far while looking like they're swinging so slow? The secret is LEVERAGE.

Leverage is power without effort in the golf swing. With leverage, you can easily lift something three times as heavy as you are just through mechanical leverage. I like to explain to my golf students the concept of leverage by thinking about swinging a hammer as it closely resembles swinging a golf club. Understanding this concept of leverage is the secret to increasing your club head speed.

When you swing a golf club, the majority of your club head speed comes from the release of your wrist angle. This release multiplies the speed of the golf club by a factor of four in only three feet of movement! That's right, in that last three feet of the golf swing a good player's club head speed is going to more than quadruple!

In most amateur's golf swings, they've already expended all their effort before they get to the ball and their club head speed is not increasing, in fact, it's often decreasing. That's because they try to get speed too early in the golf swing by releasing their wrists too soon.

To release the golf club at the right point in the golf swing, the entire swing must be sequenced correctly and that all starts with weight shift as I discuss in this golf instruction video. If you shift your weight to start the downswing, your wrists can remain cocked and relaxed.

If you want to increase your golf swing speed, yo also must understand how the left wrist works in the golf swing. Most golfers over use their right hand and that leads to club head throwaway. In the video below I show you just how important the left hand is in the golf swing and give you a drill to learn how to train it to increase your swing speed.