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Make Your Divots Start in Front of the Ball and Achieve the Perfect Golf Impact Position

Achieving the Perfect Impact Position and Divots that Start in Front of the Golf Ball

The impact position is everything in golf. How far your hands are in front of the golf ball, angle of the club face, the club path and more factors all determine where that little white devil flies. If you're like most amateur golfers, you struggle with getting your divots to start in front of the golf ball and that leads to a lot of less than perfect shots.

The Key to the Perfect Divot

In the image below, you can see that I have a lot of shaft lean at the moment of impact. In fact, my hands are actually TOO FAR out in front of the ball, but most amateurs would kill for this position, so I'm going to teach you how to get into the perfect impact position with this nice flat left wrist in the video below.

perfect golf impact divot
Plenty of shaft lean here!

It is clear to see in the image above that I have the handle of the golf club well ahead of the clubhead. This is what shaft lean looks like and is the main reason better golfers hit the ball much further than amateurs. By having my left hand in this position at impact, I've delofted the club significantly to the point that my 7 iron here is now effectively a 5 or even 4 iron. Since loft is the primary determinant of how far the golf ball will travel, learning how to deloft your irons like this at impact will not only make your divots start in front of the ball but also allow you to hit your irons 2-3 clubs longer than you currently do!

Most golfers don't realize that the left side of the body and the left arm in particular is responsible for a lot of the impact alignments you see in the professional golfers on the PGA TOUR all the time. Because most golfers are right handed, they become very right side dominant and never learn how to use the left hand to create the perfect impact position.

This video shows you exactly how to create the ideal impact position by giving you a simple swing drill that will allow you to train the left hand independent of the right. This is critical. You must isolate movements in order to learn them more efficiently, so taking the right hand off the club will make this process much easier. 

To see the full video with more tips and drills on how to get your divots in front of the ball, go to: ttp://

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