Sunday, September 13, 2015

How to Create a Membership Site - Introduction

Have you always wanted to learn how to start your own subscription website?

My golf instruction website has done quite well over the past ten years. It's allowed me to help hundreds of thousands of golfers around the world improve their golf swings and enjoy the game of golf again. But what many people don't realize is that I also did all the technical coding of the website.

I enjoy the technical aspects of building a membership website just as much as I enjoy the technical aspects of the golf swing. I'm a very analytical person by nature and the complexities of both the golf swing and the software programming world are very interesting to me. Growing up, I was the kid who took apart all his toys just to understand how they work!

In 1999, I started my first ever membership site called It was a website for outdoor enthusiasts who liked to go hiking, climbing, biking etc. In 1999, membership websites and the subscription business model didn't really exist online. There was a steep learning curve but I was able to build and sell a profitable business during the dot-com era.

Fast forward to 2005 and I started which later turned into, a golf instruction membership website with over 250,000 members. I built it to this number using the techniques that I developed and perfect over 16 years of building subscription websites.

Now, I'm sharing my trade secrets with the world at my latest membership site, The site walks you through step by step how to build a membership website and grow it into a profitable business. From marketing and startup strategy, to the technical details and research, it covers it all.

So, if you've ever wanted your own recurring revenue stream, go to the site and sign up for my newsletter where I'll share my tips and tricks on how to make your online business dreams come true.