Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Perfect Golf Swing - How to Practice Golf

How to Practice Golf when Building the Perfect Golf Swing

How many times have you seen golfers go out to the range and pull out their driver for their first swing of the day? It would be funny watching these golfers wail away in a futile effort to hit the ball if we all didn't know just frustrating it can be when practicing our golf swings only to get worse.

Any golfer who has worked on changes in their golf swing has spent practice time that ended up making them worse off when they started. Sometimes this is because they are simply working on the wrong things. If that's the case, you simply need a better understanding of the golf swing mechanics.

But often, it's because the golfer doesn't how to practice correctly. Practicing correctly is NOT an art, it is a SCIENCE. The brain learns new movement patterns in a very specific way and only that way. If you don't know what that way is, you are likely just spinning in circles and wasting your time not improving.

The best way to understand how the brain learns a new movement is to relate it something else you've learned in life. I like to use the example of playing guitar or any other musical instrument.

When playing guitar, you don't pick up a new piece of music and rip through it at full speed at first. No, you take your time and work through the song piece by piece and very slowly at first. Then, as you become more proficient, you begin to slowly add speed and so on.

How many times have you done that with your golf swing? Or, do you just go full speed and expect that you'll somehow be able to change a movement that you've already grooved by doing it thousands of times? The brain simply doesn't learn this way. You need to start slow by hitting pitch shots, then half shots, then 3/4 and so on. Depending on the change you're making, this process of building up to 3/4 speed may take several days.

Don't Rush Your Practice Time

The most important thing you can do during this phase is to focus on one change at a time and be patient. Understand that there are physiological changes happening in your brain and just like most all other body processes, they don't happen over night. The body takes its time and you can't force or speed up this process anymore than you can force a wound to heal quicker.

Understanding how to practice golf is a specific science. If you're tired of wasting your time and want to know exactly how to practice, check out this golf instruction article and video that covers it in depth:

How to Practice the Golf Swing

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