Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The How of Golf Instruction

The "How" of Golf Instruction

There are many golf instructors out there today that understand the "What" of golf instruction. In truth, what you want the golf student to do really isn't that hard to figure out as the mechanics of the golf club really aren't rocket science. But, teaching the student exactly "How" to do it, now that's where the rubber meets the road.

An Example of Teaching the "How"

Let's use the takeaway in the golf swing as an example. Most good golf instructors know where they want the club to be at the completion of the takeaway and what it should look like getting there. We can use this shot of Tiger Woods as an example of textbook takeaway.

Note that the camera angle is slightly off here, but for our purposes, this image works great. The clubhead and hands are perfectly in line, directly over the toes and the club shaft is pointing straight down the target line when the club is parallel to the ground and the club face is perfectly square. Tiger hasn't over rotated his hips, nor have his arms broken down. 

So, we can agree, Tiger's takeaway is just about perfect here and every golfer would  be better off if they managed to get in this position. So, just do it! Put the club here and it's done! If it was that easy, everyone would be great golfers!

But, the reality is that the golfer needs to know not just WHAT to do, but HOW to do it! That's where RotarySwing Tour (RST) excels.

RST Teaches the Golfer Exactly HOW to Do It

RST doesn't stop with just teaching you the mechanics of what to do, but breaks it down to the bare bones of exactly HOW to do it. So, back to our example of the perfect golf takeaway. With a Certified RST golf instructor, you're taught exactly which muscles to use so that you learn exactly what it FEELS like to swing the club like great golfers such as Adam Scott and Ernie Els.

With the takeaway, we focus on teaching the golfer to use the muscles in the back, the rhomboid and trapezius muscle specifically, to pull the shoulder blade back in a way that loads the right arm so that it can create a powerful throwing motion in the downswing. 

The image above is taken from the RotarySwing Tour Golf Instruction book that illustrates the movement of the shoulder blade during the backswing and the orientation of the muscle fibers. In an in person lesson, the instructor will actually apply pressure to these muscles with his or her hands so that the golf student can feel exactly which muscles he wants to activate to begin the takeaway.

That's a BIG difference from conventional golf instruction where the poor student is just told "Just put the club here like Tiger! Just watch me and do this!" That type of instruction is of little to no value. Teaching the student the exact muscles that are used during each phase of the golf swing - That's only available at RotarySwing.com

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